Is Moving Hosting Required to Move the Domain?

Hosting & domain are 2 internet services that are always related and inseparable. If you buy a hosting, then generally you have to find a domain name that suits you. it is necessary so that your website can be accessed easily.

Our customer service who usually handles livechat often receives questions like this, "bro, I want to move the domain and hosting from another provider to Omah Cyber ​​Hosting. Does the domain and hosting have to be moved at the same time?"
So actually a lot of customers are unfamiliar with this matter, they assume that the domain and hosting are a unified whole. Let's discuss clearly and concisely in our post this time.
Domain is naming / giving a name to our website (web design / blog design), so the domain is still a name but it doesn't work yet when it's not paired with other services.

For this reason, hosting is needed, hosting is the host / home for storing your web design / blog design so you can get online on the internet. can be analogous if this hosting is a boarding house / rental house.

And when you buy web services, then you have to buy 2 services, namely hosting and domain, buying domains and hosting does not have to be in one provider ... you can buy a domain in provider A, hosting it at provider B ... that's ok no problem. The most important thing is if the hosting on B is already active, check the login information there, there is a Name Server, then the Provider A will open the domain service and replace the NS following the NS provided by provider B.

Likewise, if one day you have already bought a domain and hosting in one place, to move to another place you can just move the domain or hosting. So there is no obligation, both of them, but if you really don't want to be bothered and become one, it doesn't matter either.

It's just that, we suggest, if you buy hosting and domain you should put it in a trusted provider so that you don't have trouble in monitoring and managing your website.
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