5 Fatal errors that are often done when using WordPress

Usually there are 5 things that customers often do when creating a website / blog using instant wordpress applications, these things are fatal mistakes that are usually done by users when using a WordPress CMS. this can cause your website to be hacked by hackers or irresponsible people. This is not because of a system error but your own negligence.

Assume that wordpress does not need to be updated or the web will not error if it is not tweaked.
WordPress has been developed with multi components including wordpress core script itself, opensource plugins and free themes. If you have never updated versions of scripts, plugins or themes, then your web will not be easy to hack.

No firewall or security features are needed because it is safe from the start.
WordPress is open source starting from the core scripts, plugins and themes, plugin security is mandatory, because the plugin security will add to your website's security layer.

Use the username "admin" so that it's easy to remember
This admin username is already very popular in the programming and opensource world, even this username is usually created as the default user name of an application, and is combined with the "admin" password as well. This is very dangerous, even if you use a common word bruteforce web application, you can break it down.

The website has been backed up by the hosting provider, I don't need to backup it.
Whatever website you build, always prepare disaster recovery to do regular backups of your website to local computer,google drive using plugins, so that when your web is damaged you can simply restore via the backup you generated

Using a password that is easy to remember
Passwords must be made as difficult as possible with a combination of letter numbers and symbols, because easy passwords will make it easier for your wp-admin to collapse easily, especially if the hacker already knows: option number 3. it's best to use a combination of uppercase and lowercase characters but still easy to remember by you.

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