the difference from On Hosted VS Self Hosted

for newbies aka beginners in the world of websites, online sites and blogs, they will usually be confused when finding cases of differences between and, so if you are a newbie talking to seniors about how to create a website especially using wordpress, then You will quickly conclude that the wordpess is only one type, okay, let us explain so that you are not more confused

"wordpress doesn't only have 1 type, but there are 2 types"

WP On-Hosted is on

When you register on you will have the url address behind the word for example:,

With FREE, you will only get the url as above, which is behind the domain, so you will only be given a url name with subdomains when using free services.
To make it your own domain, you will be charged a number of fairly large fees.
- domain mapping costs around 14 usd
- domain fees around 24 usd
the price can change according to the terms of

PROS: if you want some bloggers who don't want to bother and don't care about the url (url address) and don't need maintenance, is the right choice for you. Because everything is ready made and everyone knows you are using a free blog. You cannot change the plugins as you like, and themes are also provided only, cannot be tampered with, and of course websites onhosted cannot be monetized or cannot be used as fields of advertising and money.


The self-hosted system is often used by people who are dissatisfied with things that are monotonous and rigid on a blog / website. If you want to create a web / blog using you can just buy a hosting package and domain only.

By using Self-hosted, you will have a url with the main domain that you want without a sub domain, so your url name will be better, because it is the main domain and you choose yourself.

Pros: With you can tweak it, and install plugin / themes as you like to adjust to the needs of your website's features, you can also buy premium themes at Themeforest or keep using free themes but you custom according to your wishes. Self Hosted is more chosen by customers who want to create a website / blog as desired, modify etc. You are free to be creative with your website. you can even make your site an online store by using additional woocoomerce plugins and so on. You can also monetize your site.

Weaknesses: using a self hosted WP is a little more troublesome, because you have to install this and that, but this weakness is very trivial and you will quickly learn it, as long as you are serious about learning.

Ok now you know the difference from VS
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