The Importance of Corporate E-mail for Companies

Email is a very important service today for companies that prioritize the speed, practical and efficient side. Email is also a mainstay for companies that have many branches and business relations both domestically and abroad. At present every case of correspondence can be done via email

Why do you have to use email?

1. Speed

Try to imagine when you have a company but communicate with your customers or branch offices you use a mail system that must be sent to POS, City Courier or your Office Boy. What are the costs to be spent every month if in total? Of course it is very big and it is not effective when it becomes the main thing in a large company. With Email only when you click SEND / SEND from your inbox, only 1 second has arrived at the destination email.

2. Practical

It is called practical because you do not need to use manual methods, such as folding paper, providing envelopes, using people to fold and sorting, not to mention grouping into other categories, then sending to sending companies etc. Now with e-mail it doesn't need to be that complicated, because you can simply group e-mails of your customers, relations and branches in one list. So you can just type 1 email, but can be sent directly in bulk without taking a long time 1 second, all of them get email.

3. Efficient

Efficient is sure. You are more likely to reach other customers wherever they are, the cost that you spend will be much smaller if compared to manually sending to your customer.

If your company does not currently use e-mail facilities, start from now on is changing using technology to help our work become easier and more effective.

For companies, in our opinion, we recommend using private e-mail, not using e-mail services with free domain names, this is because to give your company's credibility in the eyes of the client.
Your company will look more bona fide and more classy when you use company e-mail with your own domain, for example [email protected], instead of using the company @ gmail / yahoo / and the like.

Using the private domain of a company can also minimize fraud. now there are many job vacancies on behalf of certain companies, therefore using official email from the company is more trusted by job seekers.

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