Difference between CC and BCC on Email

The activity of exchanging messages via e-mail has now become a routine activity in this modern era, for some countries, this e-mail reply activity has become like SMS, like in Japan, for example. Where asking for a contact to contact is no longer a telephone number, but an email. But you know, when sending an email there are 3 contact columns, namely TO, CC, and BCC. It is likely that Indonesian people who still tend to rarely use email to send messages will not know about these three things.

Email itself is a feature of sending letters electronically, or commonly called Electronic Mail, its function is the same as a letter in general, which is sending messages, the difference is that Email will be faster until compared to conventional mail, even with email can send audio, image and other files so.

For those of you who are not accustomed to using e-mail if you notice when you want to send e-mail, for example to friends, the first thing to do is write an e-mail, where on the form there are usually to, cc, bcc, and fill in the message. , what is of concern is the TO, CC, and BCC columns. For the difference, I will explain below.


This column is usually used to write down the recipient's address from the email to be sent, for example you want to send an email to your friends then you write it ([email protected]) if the recipient of a lot of email is usually separated by a comma.


CC or Carbon Copy, this column is usually used to write the recipient's address copy or copy of the e-mail to anyone will be sent other than the recipient to.
the recipient's name in this carbon copy will be visible to all recipients.


BCC or Blind Carbon Copy, this column is usually rarely used but, maybe at any time it can also be used where it is Hidden. If the main recipient in the To column and the recipient copy in the Bcc column then all recipients of copy then in the Bcc column do not know each other, the recipient will not be published other than the main recipient.

Alright, friends, by knowing the three columns, of course you should be familiar with sending emails. With modern services like now, the process of sharing information or files can be very easy. It would be nice if we were not left behind with technology that was actually very common like this.
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