Why is the Web considered to be heavy to the server but when moving hosting doesn't matter?

This question is often a common question for customers who have had experience being warned by the hoster that even their website was suspended on the grounds that your account is burdensome to servers, and uses a lot of server resources so it is recommended to upgrade to VPS.
This is a lot of causes, but we will try to explain it technically so that you are no longer confused and even bring up the assumption of negative assumptions and even disparaging the hosting provider used. Moving hosting is not a permanent solution, because there are many things that must be investigated and examined first before we finally decide to move to the next place.

Why is the web considered burdensome to the server, but when moving hosting is not a problem?

There are many technical explanations, but we will try to explain the general ones as follows:

Different Limit Resources Servers Each Provider

Each provider company has a different policy regarding the limit resources usage of a hosting package, for example personal and business limits, of course. And a shared hosting means sharing with other users so that this limit rule is made for good purposes so that the server does not experience overload and is more stable.

What is the solution?

Before you decide confidently to move hosting you should do this:

Check plugins are heavy, plugins are so many that only you know the functions of each of these plugins, but we provide a description of the burdensome plugins that usually have functions: stats, keyword queries, databases, auto tags, auto posts, auto links, bot blogs. If you find a plugin like that, please disable it will usually reduce the burden.
Check plugins that allow conflict, this plugin conflict can cause the server to be overloaded, this conflict usually appears in the error_log file in the public_html folder, immediately check the file and find the error.
Use the Cache Plugin, this plugin proved effective as long as it was set correctly.
Optimize your database, the simple method is to use phpmyadmin, select all, repair, optimize.
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