Reliable & Best Indonesian Web Hosting (Review and Recommendation)

On this page you will find several recommendations for web hosting that we have previously reviewed. List of web hosting below we have sorted by value in each of the criteria so that it makes it easier for you to understand which web hosting has the best quality, is reliable, and is suitable for use.
This post is intended specifically for our clients after we close hosting and domain services.
We recommend using paid hosting to get full support for your convenience

1. Atrium Hosting
This hosting company is located in Surabaya and has good and satisfying services, customer service and support teams are very friendly and patient in serving customers. The price of this hosting rental service is not expensive but also not cheap, but you will be satisfied with these hosting facilities and services. This flagship hosting, you will get free access to wordpress premium themes / templates from ElegantHeme and also free access to some premium Wordpress plugins. This server uptime is very good, almost never down at all without cause. You can also register a documented domain through this hoster.
Note: a little of information, atrium hosting Indonesia is an upline of the Omahcyber network for about 9 years, so we already know its reliability and excellence so we highly recommend that you use atriumhosting services

2. Domosquare
This hosting company is based in Jogjakarta City, managed by Ahlul, the hosting service is very satisfying and fairly fast. The advantages of hosting are its automatic features, and the price is cheap. the price of hosting provided starts from Rp. 1,000, when buying hosting / domain you also don't need to confirm manually, after about 5 minutes of transfer, the service will automatically activate after the verification process is complete. For users of online wordpress stores, we recommend Domosquare, because they have automatic billing / automutation services, to check your financial transactions when there are purchases through your website. today people tend to like practical and automatic things.there is also an automatic sms service for notification of product purchases for customers

3. Jakhoster
This hoster provider according to their name is located in Jakarta, this hosting has long been in the world of hosting technology. This hosting provides cheap services starting from Rp. 3000 per month for standard hosting services, for those of you who are trying to create a website, we recommend this place. The hosting activation service is fast because it has been automated, approximately 5 minutes after you transfer the payment, your service will be active without having to manually confirm it.

4. Digital Webs Media
is a domain hosting provider from the city of Banjar under the legality of PT Digital Webs Media, this hosting provides amazing prices, to get hosting capacity of 100MB you need to pay the price of Rp. 3,000 per month, the price is unreasonable but in fact there is. For you students studying a website, this hoster is suitable for you, cheap prices don't make you poor. This hosting often holds crazy promos at cheap prices

5. BaliOrange
This hosting is located on bali, island of gods :D, this Hoster has been in the world of hosting for a long time so that the credibility is undoubted, this hosting provides 1 year free service for SMEs and provides low prices for students who want to have a website. Server uptime is good and good

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