How To Make a Blank Name in Hago

Have you ever seen something awkward when playing hago? there is an account that is unique, that is, it does not have a name that is empty. Usually this blank name is combined with an empty avatar that I have discussed in a post to make an empty avatar on hago.
To make an empty name on hago, the method is much easier than changing an empty avatar, this doesn't require the old version of the hago application. You can directly change the latest version of Hago.

okay this is the step to change it:
1. Open the profile settings page
2. in the name section, enter blank charachter, if you don't have it, please copy the character below.
after you copy this, please paste it in the form name.
3. Save your settings
4. okay done, your name has become empty.

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How to Make a Hago Transparent Photo Profile (PP) / Avatar Photo

It is a satisfaction and there is a sense of pride when we can display things that are unique and may be difficult for others to do. In this case, in the hago game especially in the chatroom area.
I once saw a profile that in my opinion was unique, where it was a blank account, which did not display any images, aka transparent. So I tried to update my profile picture with a transparent image and it failed. I was curious too.
It turns out that the key to this problem is that the process of replacing images cannot be done on the new version of Hago!

How to Change Hago Transparent Profile

Okay, this is the step:
1. Check the version of hago that you have, if you use the latest version or above 1.x.x, then you cannot update the transparent avatar. please uninstall first.
2. Download the hago old version, I use version 1.2.3, and I try to succeed. if you don't have it, please download it in the link below!
3. Install the hago 1.2.3 application, then log in with your account
4. Prepare transparent images that you will use.
5. Enter the profile update page as usual, then please update the transparent image.
6. But, your profile photo has been updated to be transparent

You can use it for fun in the chatroom, they must be wondering, how can you do that?
Okay, you can try, in the next post I will discuss about making blank text / blank names in hago\

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How to Check the Quality of a Computer Keyboard

Whether this is true or not, there was a friend of mine some time ago telling me that there was a way to check the quality of the keyboard being used, and this only applies to users of Microsoft's operating system output.
It is said that only by using Notepad can we see it.
first open the notepad application.
type the phrase "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" or just sort the letters from A to Z.
but the typing method is somewhat different, you have to press the left shift key and the right shift while typing.

then watch for any letters that appear and do not appear, it is said, the more letters that do not appear, the less your keyboard quality.



from the results I tried, it turned out that many letters did not appear, meaning my keyboard was bad hahahaha

responding to this, in my opinion, this cannot be used as a benchmark for measuring the quality of a keyboard product. I consider it just an easter egg, aka Joke. don't take it too seriously, but it's okay to try haha

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Hago, The Trending Game that You Must be Tried

In Indonesia, there is an android game that is currently popular. this game has many innovations and many kinds of games. In my opinion, this game is cool, because not only games are available in Hago, but there is a kind of voice-based social media. Actually this game is not from Indonesia, but comes from China.

Well, there is an area called chatrooms. in this area you can make your own room. and that made me interested, here is charisma, which later can be converted into beans, and if the beans have collected a certain amount, it can be exchanged for money.

In the past, when I first got to know the hago game, I was not interested because it only contained games. I have installed this hago application, but it didn't take long on my cellphone, I then uninstalled it because I was bored. and I am not a gamers.
I installed it again in January 2019 ago, I was surprised, there was a big change happening there.
I see there are many new and good games, not monotonous and familiar and not childish.

And what interested me most, I saw a chatroom, where we can socialize and interact with other users. in this chatroom, other than just for chit-chat, just for fun, we can also use this room to karaoke with quite a lot of song choices.

What is provided in the chatroom?
1. Chatroom
here we are just chatting normally, interacting with group members
2. Karaoke
We can sing in the room, choose the songs provided to sing.
3. Pick Me
Especially for this one, pick me services are usually in rooms that have matchmaking content, such as "take me out"
4. Game Micup
Here we can play the song guess, we are told to complete the missing songs
5. Spy Game
This game, we are told to guess who is a spy, a kind of role player game. some kind of werewolf game.

As far as I play this game, I thought of a way to cheat to get diamonds for free and not have to spend money to buy in the PlayStore, I once tried using Android cheat engine, which is Game Guardian, I failed to do it. only limited to changing the numbers, but to send a gift still fails, there is a notification for diamond topup. games that are fairly safe and difficult to modify.

A good game, besides we play games for fun, we can also socialize and find new friends.
the application that you have to try!

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Best Free Domain, Trusted & Recommended 2019

Currently free domains are no longer so popular like a few years ago, free domains are now almost displaced by the use of paid domains that are getting cheaper and also awareness of blogger users to use paid domains. Several years ago there were a lot of free domain providers such as CO.CC that have now closed services. there are also CU.CC, CX.CC that follow in their footsteps, then there is a CO.DE domain that was once free but now is paid.

However, for those of you who are learning to understand what hosting and domains are, then just try it, then you can use a free domain before continuing to use the paid TLD domain. if you are in need of a free domain and still do not understand what websites provide free domain facilities forever. Therefore in this article the Omahcyber will provide an article about several free domain provider sites forever. For more details, refer to the following review.
As far as I have observed recently, there are only a few free domain service providers left. and which in my opinion is still the best and credible is the service of FREENOM.
FREENOM provides free TLD domains for a long time, and also good, the domain provided by Freenom, among others
steps to get a free domain is also very easy, it doesn't have to be complicated.

Besides Freenom there is also BIZ.NF, here is the service recommended by CO.NF after 2018 then CO.NF closed its free domain service.

If you are an Indonesian, here is a free premium domain that is owned by PANDI. The domain provided is MY.ID domain, this domain can be owned forever and free of charge does not need to spend around IDR 60K - IDR 120 K. reliable free. the condition is that you have to be an Indonesian citizen and have an Indonesian KTP (Indonesian Identity Card), provided that 1 KTP can only be used to register 1 domain. to register also must verify data from disdukcapil (population department) through KK verification.

yes it is a recommendation from us, please use it as needed.

Note:Cara Dapat Nama Domain Gratis Tanpa Syarat, Daftar Situs Penyedia Domain Gratis 2019,
Cara Mendapatkan Domain Gratis untuk Blogspot Freenom, cara mendapatkan domain com net org gratis selamanya, domain gratis 2018 untuk blogger,domain .id gratis 2018 domain .com gratis 2018domain gratis untuk blogger cara mendapatkan domain gratis untuk blogger cara mendapatkan domain gratis 2019 custom domain gratis free domain xyz, domain gratis indonesia terbaru

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List Ot the Types of Cryptocurrency (The Best)

In the following we will share about the popular, best and most visited digital cryptocurrency / currency. Basically if the currency wants to be valuable then it must be used by many people, in this case the currency must be accepted by many people, with pro and contra risks which are at their own risk. Like other assets (stocks or property), the price of this money can go up and down quickly so that we can invest to make a profit but it can also be risky. The following is a list of the 10 best virtual currencies and why they are known or used for what they are.

Bitcoin is the first virtual currency and that started it all, this currency was released in 2009 by its maker, Sathosi Nakamoto. Bitcoin currently has the largest market capitalization to date at around $ 10 billion.
Most people usually before using others they first use bitcoin because bitcoin has a great reputation, all other digital currencies are referred to as 'altcoins' (alternative coins because they are alternatives to Bitcoin). Bitcoin is known for being pioneering and most easily available and has a wide acceptance network

Ether is a digital currency for Ethereum, a decentralized platform that can execute peer-to-peer. Until September 2016 Ethereum is broken down into 2 namely Ethereum (ETH) and Classical Ethereum (ETC).
Ether was created by Vitalik Buterin and launched in mid-201, the platform is marketed as "the next generation cryptocurrency and application platform decentralization" and has a market capitalization of $ 1.1 billion.
Ethereum is known for its ability to make payments by Peer-to-peer without using a third party.


Litecoin was released in October 2011 by a former Google employee named Charles Lee as an alternative to Bitcoin. Like bitcoin, litecoin can also be mined (mining), used as a currency and transacted for goods and services. At present it has a market capitalization of around $ 180,000,000, far from the highest peak of $ 1.2 billion in 2013. Known for being an alternative to Bitcoin, most similar to Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is often misinterpreted as an 'anonymous' currency. But Monero is a virtual currency that is more focused on privacy, so Monero is safer and cannot be traced.
He is in the fourth place with $ 138 million in the market, Monero is widely used by individuals who wish to remain anonymous on the web. Known for being a privacy currency

Actually, there are still many digital currencies out there, but we just found out and used what we wrote, we will update our writing when we find out. We do this to minimize the errors of information that we spread to readers of this blog.

What are the best Cryptocurrencies? What are the different types of Cryptocurrency? What is the most popular Cryptocurrency? How many Cryptocurrencies are there 2018?

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Difference Between Centralized vs Decentralized Currencies

yesterday we talked about "what is cryptocurrency", explained that the difference between the difference between digital money and conventional money is the distribution system. Conventional money uses a centralized system and crypto currencies use a decentralized system, this time we will discuss it in more detail.

The meaning of decentralization & centralization if in the sense of government science:

Decentralization is the partial surrender of government affairs from the central government to local governments to regulate and manage their own households. The task of regulating is managed by the legislative apparatus while the task of managing is managed by the executive apparatus. Decentralization of authority can be carried out by the central government in several forms (regional autonomy), ex: territorial decentralization, functional decentralization and administrative decentralization.
Centralization is the surrender of government power and authority entirely to the central government. The central government here means the president and the Cabinet Council. The authority in question is political authority and administrative authority. Political authority is the authority to make and decide policies while administrative authority is the authority to implement policies.

The meaning of decentralization & centralization if in the sense of Economy science, in case study:

The centralized nature is exemplified in the transaction model that has been used frequently by the community. For example, in this case, exemplified by parents who want to send money to their children overseas, what they do is use banking services (ATM, Mobile Banking, or come directly to the relevant bank) then transfer some money to the account number of the child. The transaction is basically carried out through bank intermediaries and trusted services.

So the process of the money transferred actually enters the bank first, then is forwarded to the recipient. The process is real time so the displacement is not felt. But what is felt is precisely because the process is through an intermediary, so there are rewards that must be paid, namely in the form of administrative fees, both issued at that time (if sending to a different bank account) or in administrative fees imposed every month.

decentralized nature means that no one is a mediator or a special party who mediates. Transactions are conducted peer-to-peer from the sender to the recipient. All transactions are recorded on computers on the network, throughout the world, or called miners (miners who help secure and record transactions on the network). Miners themselves will get commissions with virtual money used, but not everyone can become a miner, because special skills are needed with complex computational processing to solve cryptography used. This is one reason why cryptocurrency miners generally use high-specs and special computers.

Amazing Benefits of Cryptocurrency: A New Digital Future


  1. Fast and cost effective
    in the presence of this digital currency, the process of sending money will be much faster because it integrates computers throughout the world through the internet. With 1 second the money will be sent, and can be taken the same day. So this can be for a good alternative for sending migrant workers / those who work abroad for beloved families in Indonesia because it is not charged a large fee for recipients or senders, it can be said that shipping costs are less than 1 rupiah. Instant transfer by peer to peer.
  2. Free & Unbound countries
    This digital currency is not bound by any country. There is no centralized institution / government that prints digital money. but digital money is printed by users who use it for transaction needs, for example money transfers, spending, trading, etc. So it is different from real money which is directly supervised by the country where the exchange rate affects the value of buying and selling in other countries.


  1. Transactions are irreversible
    This transaction means that once transferred then it cannot be canceled, the currency sent will be given to another person will not be able to be taken back or frozen, unless the person is willing to return the digital money.
  2. Bitcoin transactions are pseudonymous
    All transactions that have been done can be seen, but we cannot detect who and where the address has a digital currency account.
  3. The amount is limited
    With a limited number of digital currencies issued, the currency will tend to rise, but it will not be possible to go down either.
  4. The value of up and down is unpredictable
    The rise and fall of a digital currency will be difficult to predict, so for the better it is only used for fast / lightning transactions.

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What is Cryptocurrency Meaning, Explained the Easy Way and Simple Word

This is the first article on the blog's , in this post we will tell you about a trend in the internet, that about digital currencies.

What is Cryptocurrency (Digital Currencies)?

Cryptocurrency has existed about ten years ago and has now become quite popular, widespread, and surrounded by many controversies from innovative developments. Cryptocurrency is a technology for making digital currencies. This technology uses cryptography for security which makes it unable to be faked.

There have been more than 500 cryptocurrency created based on Some cryptocurrency has a variety of different concepts and some have concepts that mimic other coins. but not all crypto currencies are popular, especially in Indonesia.

Etymologically, cryptocurrency is composed of two words, namely crypto which refers to cryptography or coding language in the world of computers and currency that refers to the value of a currency. It can be drawn the definition that cryptocurrency is a digital currency mechanism that can be used to transact virtually (over the internet) that is protected by a complex computer coding.

How does Cryptocurrency work?

What different about the currency that is currently commonly used, such as the Rupiah, which has also been widely used for digital transactions? Cryptocurrency has a decentralized nature, while the transaction model that has often been used in society is centralized. A decentralized money system is a network capable of connecting its users without the need for intermediaries or third parties or central authorities such as banking or government. It's cool, this method can be used anytime and anywhere, regardless of bank work days or government workdays, there is no downtime and transactions can be done in minutes.

Transactions are conducted peer-to-peer from the sender to the recipient. All transactions are recorded on computers on the network, throughout the world, or called miners (miners who help secure and record transactions on the network). Miners themselves will get commissions with virtual money used, but not everyone can become a miner, because special skills are needed with complex computational processing to solve cryptography used. This is one reason why cryptocurrency miners generally use high-specs and special computers.

The types of cryptocurrency that exist today in the world

There are several types of cryptocurrency that are currently widely used, for example Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, or Ripple. Bitcoin is the first digital money launched, and is currently the most valuable. One of its uniqueness, Bitcoin was only created up to 21 million coins (predicted that it will only be mined in the upcoming 2140), this is a protocol that cannot be contested because it has become an agreement from the beginning. in this presence they have advantages and disadvantages

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