Best Free Domain, Trusted & Recommended 2019

Currently free domains are no longer so popular like a few years ago, free domains are now almost displaced by the use of paid domains that are getting cheaper and also awareness of blogger users to use paid domains. Several years ago there were a lot of free domain providers such as CO.CC that have now closed services. there are also CU.CC, CX.CC that follow in their footsteps, then there is a CO.DE domain that was once free but now is paid.

However, for those of you who are learning to understand what hosting and domains are, then just try it, then you can use a free domain before continuing to use the paid TLD domain. if you are in need of a free domain and still do not understand what websites provide free domain facilities forever. Therefore in this article the Omahcyber will provide an article about several free domain provider sites forever. For more details, refer to the following review.
As far as I have observed recently, there are only a few free domain service providers left. and which in my opinion is still the best and credible is the service of FREENOM.
FREENOM provides free TLD domains for a long time, and also good, the domain provided by Freenom, among others
steps to get a free domain is also very easy, it doesn't have to be complicated.

Besides Freenom there is also BIZ.NF, here is the service recommended by CO.NF after 2018 then CO.NF closed its free domain service.

If you are an Indonesian, here is a free premium domain that is owned by PANDI. The domain provided is MY.ID domain, this domain can be owned forever and free of charge does not need to spend around IDR 60K - IDR 120 K. reliable free. the condition is that you have to be an Indonesian citizen and have an Indonesian KTP (Indonesian Identity Card), provided that 1 KTP can only be used to register 1 domain. to register also must verify data from disdukcapil (population department) through KK verification.

yes it is a recommendation from us, please use it as needed.

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