How to Check the Quality of a Computer Keyboard

Whether this is true or not, there was a friend of mine some time ago telling me that there was a way to check the quality of the keyboard being used, and this only applies to users of Microsoft's operating system output.
It is said that only by using Notepad can we see it.
first open the notepad application.
type the phrase "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" or just sort the letters from A to Z.
but the typing method is somewhat different, you have to press the left shift key and the right shift while typing.

then watch for any letters that appear and do not appear, it is said, the more letters that do not appear, the less your keyboard quality.



from the results I tried, it turned out that many letters did not appear, meaning my keyboard was bad hahahaha

responding to this, in my opinion, this cannot be used as a benchmark for measuring the quality of a keyboard product. I consider it just an easter egg, aka Joke. don't take it too seriously, but it's okay to try haha

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