How to Make a Hago Transparent Photo Profile (PP) / Avatar Photo

It is a satisfaction and there is a sense of pride when we can display things that are unique and may be difficult for others to do. In this case, in the hago game especially in the chatroom area.
I once saw a profile that in my opinion was unique, where it was a blank account, which did not display any images, aka transparent. So I tried to update my profile picture with a transparent image and it failed. I was curious too.
It turns out that the key to this problem is that the process of replacing images cannot be done on the new version of Hago!

How to Change Hago Transparent Profile

Okay, this is the step:
1. Check the version of hago that you have, if you use the latest version or above 1.x.x, then you cannot update the transparent avatar. please uninstall first.
2. Download the hago old version, I use version 1.2.3, and I try to succeed. if you don't have it, please download it in the link below!
3. Install the hago 1.2.3 application, then log in with your account
4. Prepare transparent images that you will use.
5. Enter the profile update page as usual, then please update the transparent image.
6. But, your profile photo has been updated to be transparent

You can use it for fun in the chatroom, they must be wondering, how can you do that?
Okay, you can try, in the next post I will discuss about making blank text / blank names in hago\

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