List Ot the Types of Cryptocurrency (The Best)

In the following we will share about the popular, best and most visited digital cryptocurrency / currency. Basically if the currency wants to be valuable then it must be used by many people, in this case the currency must be accepted by many people, with pro and contra risks which are at their own risk. Like other assets (stocks or property), the price of this money can go up and down quickly so that we can invest to make a profit but it can also be risky. The following is a list of the 10 best virtual currencies and why they are known or used for what they are.

Bitcoin is the first virtual currency and that started it all, this currency was released in 2009 by its maker, Sathosi Nakamoto. Bitcoin currently has the largest market capitalization to date at around $ 10 billion.
Most people usually before using others they first use bitcoin because bitcoin has a great reputation, all other digital currencies are referred to as 'altcoins' (alternative coins because they are alternatives to Bitcoin). Bitcoin is known for being pioneering and most easily available and has a wide acceptance network

Ether is a digital currency for Ethereum, a decentralized platform that can execute peer-to-peer. Until September 2016 Ethereum is broken down into 2 namely Ethereum (ETH) and Classical Ethereum (ETC).
Ether was created by Vitalik Buterin and launched in mid-201, the platform is marketed as "the next generation cryptocurrency and application platform decentralization" and has a market capitalization of $ 1.1 billion.
Ethereum is known for its ability to make payments by Peer-to-peer without using a third party.


Litecoin was released in October 2011 by a former Google employee named Charles Lee as an alternative to Bitcoin. Like bitcoin, litecoin can also be mined (mining), used as a currency and transacted for goods and services. At present it has a market capitalization of around $ 180,000,000, far from the highest peak of $ 1.2 billion in 2013. Known for being an alternative to Bitcoin, most similar to Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is often misinterpreted as an 'anonymous' currency. But Monero is a virtual currency that is more focused on privacy, so Monero is safer and cannot be traced.
He is in the fourth place with $ 138 million in the market, Monero is widely used by individuals who wish to remain anonymous on the web. Known for being a privacy currency

Actually, there are still many digital currencies out there, but we just found out and used what we wrote, we will update our writing when we find out. We do this to minimize the errors of information that we spread to readers of this blog.

What are the best Cryptocurrencies? What are the different types of Cryptocurrency? What is the most popular Cryptocurrency? How many Cryptocurrencies are there 2018?

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