Hago, The Trending Game that You Must be Tried

In Indonesia, there is an android game that is currently popular. this game has many innovations and many kinds of games. In my opinion, this game is cool, because not only games are available in Hago, but there is a kind of voice-based social media. Actually this game is not from Indonesia, but comes from China.

Well, there is an area called chatrooms. in this area you can make your own room. and that made me interested, here is charisma, which later can be converted into beans, and if the beans have collected a certain amount, it can be exchanged for money.

In the past, when I first got to know the hago game, I was not interested because it only contained games. I have installed this hago application, but it didn't take long on my cellphone, I then uninstalled it because I was bored. and I am not a gamers.
I installed it again in January 2019 ago, I was surprised, there was a big change happening there.
I see there are many new and good games, not monotonous and familiar and not childish.

And what interested me most, I saw a chatroom, where we can socialize and interact with other users. in this chatroom, other than just for chit-chat, just for fun, we can also use this room to karaoke with quite a lot of song choices.

What is provided in the chatroom?
1. Chatroom
here we are just chatting normally, interacting with group members
2. Karaoke
We can sing in the room, choose the songs provided to sing.
3. Pick Me
Especially for this one, pick me services are usually in rooms that have matchmaking content, such as "take me out"
4. Game Micup
Here we can play the song guess, we are told to complete the missing songs
5. Spy Game
This game, we are told to guess who is a spy, a kind of role player game. some kind of werewolf game.

As far as I play this game, I thought of a way to cheat to get diamonds for free and not have to spend money to buy in the PlayStore, I once tried using Android cheat engine, which is Game Guardian, I failed to do it. only limited to changing the numbers, but to send a gift still fails, there is a notification for diamond topup. games that are fairly safe and difficult to modify.

A good game, besides we play games for fun, we can also socialize and find new friends.
the application that you have to try!

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