How to Top Up Diamonds in Hago Games via CODASHOP Indonesia

The easiest way to add a diamond balance to a hago game is to buy it directly in the hago application, if you have a google play balance connected to a visa / mastercard card.
however, most in Indonesia who play this game complain that they don't have a credit card, then how do you buy diamonds? you can with redeem beans, but if you don't have one?
well the solution is:

You can top up diamonds by buying at CODA SHOP.

with codashop you can easily make purchases and payments, because there are many payment methods available through GOPAY / OVO or bank transfers. you can even buy this diamond balance using your cellular credit. and the cool thing is you don't need to pay admin fees.
If you buy a Google Play balance for IDR 20K, you will usually pay IDR 27K. but in codashop, the IDR 20K price is still IDR 20K

Okay back to the topic, this is the steps to buy diamond diamond using cellphone balance, in this example I use XL balance

1. Open Coda Site: then select hago or if you want to go straight please click this

Once open, please note, here you need your ID number from Hago.
how to see the ID number hago is by looking at the profile.

well if you have got the ID number, please go back to the codashop topup page.
1. Enter your ID number
2. Select the number of topup you will do
3. Select the payment method
4. continue to the payment process

check first, whether it is correct to top up a number of diamonds to the account that will be pushed.
if it's right to eat further
click the continue button, now if the form will appear to enter the cellphone number that will be used to pay the bill. make sure there is enough balance in the cellphone number used.
well after you enter your cellphone number, the codashop will send the OTP code for payment verification.
please check your cellphone!
FOR example only, random OTP code ya

Well, if you already know the OTP code, please go back to the codashop page and enter the OTP code.

okay if so, if your cellphone balance is sufficient, it will automatically be deducted by the amount of the bill. You will get an SMS confirmation and also a balance purchase notification email.
please check in your hago wallet, has your diamond balance been filled properly?

easy, how do you fill the hago diamond via coda :)

cara topup isi ulang berlian diamond hago menggunakan pulsa AXIS XL 3 TRI INDOSAT M3 TELKOMSEL SIMPATI AS tanpa kartu kredit, promo isi ulang saldo game codashop

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