Easy Way to Create Anime Characters Without Corel Draw

Hi Oci Friend ..
this time we will provide a few easy tips and tricks for creating Japanese anime / cartoon characters. I found an application that can be said to be unique. this application is able to make us to create a separate anime character, of course through the template that has been provided. in this case, we do not need special skills especially corel draw / Adobe Photoshop and so on. to make anime characters just click.

If you want to download, please click the link below:
download here

This application doesn't know where it came from, for sure, the letters used are not regular Latin letters, so it's hard to read hehe.
but take it easy, this application is very easy to use even though we can't read the information. We can try the functions one by one.

in this application only templates for female characters are provided, here there is no template for male characters. Then what are the uses of this application?
from the results of the characters we make, we can use them as profile photos or avatars in game / chat groups and so on. without having to make it difficult from the start.

The following is an explanation of the functions in the application:

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