Hago Topup Promo : Get FREE Diamond / Gift Bonus

if you are a hago user who likes to refill hago diamond, there is now a very interesting promo program from hago. where if you diligently refill even every day, then you will get the chance to get an additional bonus prize from Hago. in the form of gifts or additional diamonds.
the system of awarding this bonus is the leveling of accumulated refill. this system is daily.
NOTE: if you refil on the same day it is not considered, it must be a different day.
day 1, topup can get 1 token, then topup again on the same day then the token is 1.
day 2 topup, then get token 1,
well on this 2nd day, you can claim the prize.

The following are the rules of the promo:

Well, I have done a topup to get a prize, this is when the first day's topup, I got a notification like this, it says that if I top up again tomorrow, I will get a prize

on the second day I topup then, I can claim the promised prize
I once got a prize until it was accumulated 7 days hahaha ...

I once counted the prizes given, quite profitable. if you add all the 30-day prizes, then you will get 215 diamonds either in the form of diamons or gifts, not discounted discount vouchers.

Well, to avoid being too wasteful in topups, you can top up via the codashop, you don't need to topup too much, just with 6 diamons at a price of IDR 2K, but every day topup routine.
if added up, you will get 180 DM at the price of IDR 60K, then added a bonus of 215 DM.
instead of buying 295 DM directly, it will be far cheaper to buy this way.

note: promo diskon topup isi ulang berlian hago, cara isi ulang berlian hago diamon, cara mendapatkan diamond hago gratis, cara hack artmoney game guardian diamond berlian hago gratis, cara menaikkan diamon hago, cara cheat hago diamon berlian mudah sukses, cheat engine untuk hago

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