Mysterious Missed-call from +6299575

Today I get a mysterious phone call and with an unusual number in my opinion.
I have several times received calls from this unusual number, some time ago, there had been no more interference, but this time it appeared again.
yes, this is a call from Indonesian number +62, but the number is unique. +6299575, this is a strange number, the operator number in Indonesia starts with + 628xx instead of + 629xx

I got a call from +62282, after picking up the phone, I found that this telephone number is a cellluer operator in Indonesia who offers telemarketing to offer its products via telephone.
For this number +6299575 I did not lift it, but I think it is the same thing, so it does not need to be taken care of.

usually when I get a foreign call, I automatically open the tellows site, which is a website that usually talks about mysterious telephone numbers, well when this call from +6299575, there are still not many who discuss it and there are no answers that are considered valid. it's just that, I advise you not to worry, maybe just telemarketing.
and no need to call back.

Milik siapakah 099575 dari Indonesia, nomor telepon +6299575 berbahaya kah? tellow

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