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Omahcyber is composed of 2 words, "omah" and "cyber", omah is a Javanese language that means home, and cyber is an internet virtual world. So, if it means omahcyber is a home in cyberspace.
Formerly omahcyber was a hosting provider and domain company in Indonesia which had been operating for around 9 years. Omah Cyber was founded in 2010. Omah Cyber is a domain name registrar, a leading company in the world that has been involving in web hosting business since 2010. As an ICANN accredited registrar, Omah Cyber focuses its business on domain name registrations. but for some reason we decided to close hosting and domain services this year (2019).

We turn the concept into a sharing site about the world of internet and technology, hosting the best domains, internet marketing, online businesses, how to make money on the internet.
we know that we definitely have a lot of imperfections, we need a lot of criticism and suggestions from you to build us for the better.

Our mission is provides the solution of tech-related issue and tips and tricks and also provide various information regarding service.

admin @ omahcyber .net

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